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Welcome to the home page of the Independent Booksellers Network. We are a British Isles based co-operative of professional internet booksellers who are committed to the highest standards of online bookselling. We aim to provide a knowledgeable, efficient and friendly service to all who do business with us.

Many of our members specialise in particular interest areas and hold a greater or exclusive stock in that field. You will find their specialities listed against each member listed in the Our members page. You will also find that nearly every member has their own website with all their contact details, further details of their stock, their services and usually links so that you can search and/or browse their stock.

While you are here have a look at the Ibooknet Blog which covers numerous book related articles and news snippets.

You might also find the Ibooknet Glossary useful. It explains most of the more common and some of the more obscure terms in relation to books.